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12 Nov, 2010

U.S. Institute for Peace Tour

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U.S. Institute of Peace Tour
On October 20th SMPS DC was one of the last groups to have unhindered access to the US Institute for Peace building prior to the keys being turned over to the owner just 5 days later. The event Sold Out over a week in advance and featured not only a tour of the monumental building, but also concluded with a networking reception in the heart of the building.

Institute for Peace facility located at the northwest corner of the National Mall facing the Lincoln Memorial and adjacent to the Korean War and Vietnam Veterans’ Memorials. Beyond a wide range of exhibits that will engage and inform citizens about the issues critical to global security and international peacemaking, the space will house a national center for research, education, training, and policy development on issues of international conflict prevention, management, and resolution. The unique architectural design of the facility is a symbol on the capital’s skyline representing a striving for peace. The building’s roofs form a series of wing-like elements. Constructed of steel frame and white translucent glass, they will be white on the exterior during the day and glow from light within at night. Find out more about the project at http://www.usip.org/building/

By: Tim Klabunde William H. Gordon Associates

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