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29 Jan, 2020

Veteran Member Spotlight: Meredith Powell

Anne Morris

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For this month’s veteran member spotlight, we spoke with Meredith Powell, Marketing Team Leader at Kimley-Horn. Find out why Meredith stays engaged with SMPS and what drives her approach to our industry.


Name: Meredith Powell

Company: Kimley-Horn

Title/role: Marketing Team Leader

Hometown & Current town: Franklin, VA & Ashburn, VA

Alma Mater(s): University of Virginia

Favorite DC-area restaurant: Virtue Feed and Grain

Favorite DC tourist destination: Natural History Museum

Favorite travel destination: Anywhere that requires a passport 😊

Favorite book – business and/or pleasure: The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader by John Maxwell

Food you always crave: Dill Pickle Chips

Favorite celebrity/brand to follow on social: Chrissy Teigen

Favorite app: Instagram

Favorite movie: The Sounds of Music

Currently binging on Netflix: Orange is the New Black

When I’m not at work you’ll find me: Cooking in my kitchen

Dream job: A program planner for an art museum

Let’s Get To It……

What got you into the AEC industry and what keeps you here?

I came into the workforce right before the recession and was looking for “any” marketing job. I knew nothing about the industry at the time and said, “well at least this will help me pay the bills until I figure out what to do next.” Somewhere in there, I blinked, and 12 years went by. I love what I do, the people that I work with, and the impact our industry has on the communities we live and work in…I can’t imagine doing anything else!

When and why did you first join SMPS, and what keeps you coming back?

My supervisor recommended it as a great organization to meet other marketers in the industry. I love the networking, programming, and all of the knowledge shared between industry peers.

What advice do you have for our newer SMPS DC members about getting the most out of their membership?

Participate in as many events as possible, whether they are in person or via a webinar. Advocate with your firm to attend the Build Business conference. Network and make friends with your marketing AEC peers. They are your lifeline.

What has been your favorite SMPS DC or SMPS event?

The Build Business conference I attended in Chicago a handful of years ago.

Do you have your CPSM? If so, why did you get it and how has it impacted your career?

I don’t.

What part of the SMPS mission to Advocate, Educate, and Connect most resonates with you and why?

Connect! I am a people person and naturally gravitate toward building relationships. Having an established network allows be to be a dot connector, not only internally with my co-workers, but also with industry peers.

What is your favorite SMPS DC memory?

Going to my new member orientation and meeting so many great people.

Best work-related advice you’ve ever gotten?

If your team is successful, then you’re successful.