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22 Mar, 2018

We’re Quietly Judging You: SMPS DC Members to Serve as 2018 SMPS National Marketing Communications Awards Jurors

Jen McGovern

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Have you ever wondered just who, exactly, is responsible for evaluating entries to SMPS National’s Marketing Communications Awards (MCA) program? Well, wonder no longer! Current CPSMs and Fellows volunteer their time as jurors.

It’s not like jury duty—you don’t “have” to serve as an MCA juror after achieving your CPSM or Fellowship. It’s a cool opportunity to see what firms across the country are considering their best work, get re-inspired about ways to elevate your own marketing, and use your expertise to make sure the winning entries reflect our industry’s best practices.

CPSMs and Fellows are invited to participate through a “Call for Jurors” in February. Juror selection is based on years of experience in marketing, communications, and the design and building industry. Jurors are not allowed to judge their own entries or any entries submitted by their firm, which keeps the playing field level. With the evaluation criteria in hand and the detailed entries in front of them, the jurors spend a few hours reviewing the entries and ranking them against the evaluation criteria as well as one another. The scores are compiled, revealing the top entries.

This year’s MCA jury is the largest ever, with more than 100 jurors, including SMPS DC's very own:

  • Amy Cuddy, CPSM
  • Amanda D’Luhy, CPSM
  • Laura Ewan, CPSM
  • Bethany Granger, CPSM
  • Christy Jenkins, CPSM
  • Michael Knowles, CPSM
  • Jen McGovern, CPSM
  • Susan Merrigan, FSMPS, CPSM
  • Mary Noonan, CPSM

So if you have any questions about how MCA entries are reviewed and scored, reach out to your local juror—but keep in mind that they’re sworn to secrecy until the MCAs are awarded at Build Business in San Diego. Thank you to all of our members who volunteered their time for this year’s MCAs!