18 Sep, 2013

What happens to your SMPS Membership when you move firms?

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<p>Moving to different firms is typical in our industry; something SMPS considered when determining the terms of our membership. So what happens if you take a position at a different A/E/C company?</p>
<p><strong>Do you:</strong></p>
<p><strong>a) </strong> Lose your membership and need to re-register under your new employer.</p>
<p><strong>b)</strong> Carry your membership with you and your former firm retains the option to transfer your membership to your replacement.</p>
<p><strong>c) </strong> Lose your membership to your previous employer who transfers it to your replacement.</p>
<p><strong>d)</strong> Carry your membership with you and your former firm must register your replacement anew.</p>
<p>If you guessed <strong>b</strong>, you are right on the money! The SMPS membership will follow you and is duplicated to allow your previous employer to transfer the membership to the person replacing you, if they paid for the membership. When the 12-month term of your membership expires, the same will take place with the replacement if there is one. If there is no replacement, your membership will still follow you.</p>
<p>The SMPS membership is an individual membership, with you as its top priority! Uniquely, SMPS allows the transfer so that not only you come out on top, but everyone wins.</p>
<p><strong>Lost sight of the other cool things you gain as a member of SMPS? Check out the list below to see everything you can benefit from:</strong></p>
<ul><li>Educational programs; from entry- to executive-level range of experience</li>
<li>Charitable Involvement</li>
<li>Networking Events</li>
<li>Awards Programs</li>
<li>Career Development</li>
<li>Leadership Opportunities</li>
<li><em>Marketer</em> Subscription</li>
<li>Marketing Resource Center</li>
<li>Membership Directory and Resource Guide</li>
<li>National Conference</li>
<li>National Programming</li>

by Shea Hasan, cox graae + spack architects