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29 Nov, 2012

What is a TweetChat?

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Whether you use Twitter regularly or just dabble, it may be in your best interests as a marketer to join a few TweetChats.

TweetChats are an interactive, pre-arranged dialogue or conversation hosted through Twitter. Often organizations or just individual Twitter users will host one on a regular basis, weekly or bi-weekly for example. At other times, there may be special occasion TweetChats set up around specific timely issues. SMPS DC has even hosted a few in the past as well!

TweetChats are usually focused on a topic. One example may be Proposal Writing Tips. At an agreed upon time, anyone that is interested can logon and participate or just listen in by following the designated #hashtag for the talk. TweetChats have a loose Q and A format with a moderator or host posing the questions, and everyone else chiming in with answers from their own experience as desired.

Interested yet? There are a few ways to jump in. To host, it’s easiest to use You can also just use to follow along with the conversation. It will update the conversation in real time as you watch. There are other tools available besides though. You can follow along through or any of the third party applications, but the refresh rates vary for different tools, so you may not always see the newest tweets if you aren’t paying close attention or refreshing your screen.

Why join a TweetChat? Here are a few benefits to becoming involved.

  1. Find new people to follow and connect with that share your interests.
  2. Discuss and learn best practices from other industry professionals.
  3. Build your personal brand and awareness amongst peers and clients by sharing expertise.
  4. Get answers to some of your own questions to hone your marketing skills.

Last, but not least, here are a few TweetChats you may want to look out for:

Happy Tweeting!

Chris Denby Markitecture