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19 May, 2010

What Unexpected Value Can Marketing Bring to CEO’s?

Mary Moore

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What Unexpected Value Can Marketing Bring to CEO’s?

By Guest Blogger: Mary Moore (Syska Hennessy Group)

Last week our SMPS DC Chapter conducted a terrific panel discussion about the unexpected value that marketing can bring to CEOs. Among the panel participants were CEOs of design and construction firms and senior marketing professionals with industry experience. At the outset it was clear that definitions of “marketing” ranged widely from business development to collateral creation/production and communication responsibilities. There are as many ways to performing “marketing” as there are firms that need those talents.

The obvious answer to the question of what value marketing professionals bring to their CEOs is that they create relationships with clients, track the activities of the competition and they maintain awareness of what is going on in the marketplace. If your marketing staff is limited to performing proposal and qualification production only, they are being commoditized and the opportunity to engage their knowledge, skills and passion is being missed. The best marketers are pushing their CEOs to ask the questions that get behind what their client needs and wants – which is such a better value proposition!