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17 Mar, 2014

Why attend The SMPS Northeast Regional / ÜBER Conference?

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Connect with Friends and Colleagues

  • Meet and network with other colleagues, clients, and partners across the northeast region (Chapters include Northern New England, Boston, Connecticut, Upstate New York, Philadelphia, Central Pennsylvania, Maryland and Washington, DC)
  • Have fun networking & socializing with old & new friends and colleagues in Atlantic City.

Learn and Earn

The regional conference features many timely, dynamic sessions presented by seasoned marketing professionals on a wide range of topics and the opportunity to earn 13.5 CEUs! While the themes vary from year to year, you can get an idea of what to expect from the conference sessions listed below. View the full schedule »

  • “Marketing and Finance Join Forces with Powerful Results”
  • “Teaming: How to Draw a Chance Card in Your Favor”
  • “Don’t Stop Communicating”
  • “Of all the Dumb Things You’ve Ever Asked, This Has to be…”
  • “The Five Inviolate Laws of Extraordinary Execution”
  • “Photographic Basics for Marketers”
  • “Great Expectations: Higher Education Panel”
  • “Elements of a Successful Rebrand: A Case Study”
  • “Storyboarding: Unlocking the Creativity in Your Team”
  • “Dream Big: Turn Your Big Idea into Reality Hand-On-Workshop”
  • “Visible Experts”
  • “Get in the Game: Transform Your Firm Into A Content Marketing Powerhouse”
  • “The Marketing Professional as a Strategic Asset”
  • “Business Growth through Effective Communications Strategies and
  • Leveraging Partnership”
  • “Weathering The Storm: New Trends in Coast Development”
  • “Establishing a Seller-Doer Culture Within Your Firm”
  • “The Next Level of Professional Services Marketing: Ideas to Build On”

Why Invest in the 2014 SMPS ÜBER Conference?

  • Direct access to the decision-makers in client organization in hot markets (2 client panels)
  • Identify new business and partnering opportunities
  • Differentiate your firm by using cutting-edge data, best practices, benchmarks, marketing & business ideas gained from your attendance.

Below is the breakdown of the educational value of the conference versus purchasing each opportunity separately.

  • 6 Education Sessions (equivalent to 6 SMPS DC Education Programs) = $240
  • 1 Keynote Address (equivalent to 1 SMPS Lunch Program) = $65
  • Special Event - $115
  • 2 Networking Lunches - $150
  • 2 Networking Breakfasts = $50
  • 1 Networking Reception - $50
  • Business Contacts Make (including access to the Exhibit Hall) = Priceless
  • Total Value = $670
  • Savings ($670 value minus $395 Registration Fee) = $275

How can I gain more exposure for my firm?

Sponsor the SMPS ÜBER Conference! Visit for more details!

When is this year's conference?

The inaugural conference will be held in Atlantic City, NJ, April 30 – May 2, 2014.

Where can I learn more?

Visit the SMPS NERC website for more details.

By Kathleen Held, Cini-Little International