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14 Nov, 2016

Working with Local Universities Lunch and Leads (formerly Lunch Program) Recap


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SMPS DC’s newly rebranded Procurement Committee (formerly Lunch Programs) kicked off our first program of the 2016 program year with an event aimed at working with local universities. The goal of the program was to provide the attendees with potential procurement opportunities from the University of Maryland, The George Washington University, and George Mason University, and provide some insight on university housing trends, via Anderson Strickler, LLC.

Clyde’s of Gallery Place hosted our event, which was attended by vice presidents, principals, business development managers, and marketing professionals from the A/E/C industry’s most active firms. This level of exposure to decision makers made for a worthwhile networking session.

Following the energetic networking session, the program opened formally with a welcoming by SMPS DC President Laura Ewan and speaker introductions by the Director of the Procurement Committee, Seth Takoch. A quick take-away from each of our speakers includes:

  • Linda Strickler, Anderson Strickler, LLC
    • Linda spoke to the current and emerging housing trends and noted that there is an amenities arms race out there…lazy rivers. Yes, lazy rivers!
  • Bob Martinazzi & Karen Elvidge, University of Maryland
    • In addition to talking about their upcoming A&E IDC, we’re all going to check out some Presidential R2-D2 dancing.
  • David Dent, The George Washington University
    • David and the university want to work with you! Did you remember to email him?
  • Cathy Pinskey, George Mason University
    • Coupled with outlining their upcoming program, Cathy shared a little insight into their Tier III authority.

As we near completion of this post and correct our spelling errors, we're reminded that during the Q&A session, each of our university representatives stressed the importance of an internal review process prior to submitting your proposals to eliminate oversight errors; a third set of eyes is helpful.

The event closed with time for additional networking and information sharing. We’d like to thank all of our program attendees for making this event a huge success. Part 2 of our Lunch and Leads series will continue in January. Look for details at smpsdc.org.

Seth Takoch (Procurement Committee Director)
Woods • Peacock Engineering Consultants, Inc.
Gabrielle Banks
Business Development Manager
CSI Engineering, P.C.