Submittal Requirements

Materials completed between January 2019 and June 2020 will be accepted for the 2020 competition. Failure to comply with submittal requirements can result in disqualification of entry.

Important steps to insure your entry is complete:

  • Review category definitions to determine which category (ies) you would like to enter.
  • Please read updated Jury Process and Awards to see scoring criteria.
  • Prepare your entry following the directions below.
  • Register your entry online (prior to mailing folder to address below)
  • Print out your payment receipt and place in the pocket inside the folder
  • Mail entry folder and entry form to Justin Jacobs; the final deadline for receipt of entries by SMPS DC (received by, not postmarked by date) is 5:00 pm, July 10, 2020.

Preparing the Entry Folder for Project Submisssion

All materials must be submitted in one 8.5-x-11-inch, plastic pocket folder, including:

  • table of contents
  • print of entry form (includes answers to questions 1-6)
  • entry fee payment (print out receipt of payment from online registration)
  • exhibits/samples of project being entered

A separate folder is required for each entry category.

You may incorporate a cover sheet on the inside, in front of the table of contents.

For larger items that do not fit into folder, use large metal binder clips or rubber bands to secure the items to your folder (e.g., book, poster). Any materials that cannot be placed in a folder (e.g., clothing, hard hats) must be illustrated with a photograph and the photograph included in the exhibit section of folder. Inclusion of such materials in their actual form is elective, not mandatory.

Folder Contents for Project Submissions

Each folder must contain the following items in the following order.

1. Table of Contents

Including the following:

  • Payment confirmation
  • Print out of Entry Form (includes questions 1-6)
  • Supplemental Documents: (Only required for Brand Awareness, Media Relations, and Promotional Campaigns entries) If entering Corporate Identity, identity standards/guidelines are requested to be included with submission.
  • Exhibits/Samples: Please include at least one hard copy of the marketing piece you are submitting for judges to review. (Some categories require more than one copy; review the individual requirements for the category you are entering to confirm the quantity.) To submit digital entries, please be sure to include a web link to view entry online. Make sure that the link is accessible using Google Chrome and test your web link prior to submitting your entry. Submitting printout of screenshots of digital entry is encouraged.

2. Entry Fee Payment

All payments must be made by credit card on the SMPS DC MCA Registration website. Place one printed copy of the credit card payment confirmation inside the folder with the entry form. All payment information will be removed before judging.

3. Entry Form

Complete online payment. Once you have completed and paid your entry fees, print out one copy of page 1 of the entry form and payment receipt and place in inside front pocket of folder.

4. Entry Questions

The following 6 questions are to be answered on the entry form. The word count limit is next to each question. You may bullet your responses. You WILL be judged on your responses.

Creative Brief (250 Words or less)
Please give a 250 word or less creative brief on your entry to convey to their jurors why your entry should win.

Marketing Objectives (75 words or less)
Identify your marketing goals by answering the following questions:

  • Methodology for collecting and evaluating results
  • Budget information
  • Specify time frame
  • Marketing objectives
  • How did you plan to measure your results against your marketing goals?
  • What did your firm hope to achieve with the piece or program?

Target Audience (50 words or less)
Define the audience for this piece or program. Answer the following questions:

  • Characterize the composition, size, and location of your target audience (example: 250 CEOs and senior managers of the top 500 leaders of the California high-tech industry).
  • How many pieces were sent via mail or e-mail? If web site or video, what were your analytical goals?
  • Who was your target audience?

Research and Planning (75 words or less)
Describe the market research conducted prior to planning your piece or program. Summarize your marketing plan efforts. Explain the production and delivery method.

Messaging (50 words or less)
What is the intended message of this entry?

Results (100 words or less)
Please answer the following questions:

  • Did you gain new clients as a result?
  • Did you meet your specific sales goals?
  • What was your break-even goal for profit/loss, and did you achieve it?
  • Which actions did the target audience take after receiving your materials (testimonials/feedback)?
  • What was the ROI?


All payments must be made by credit card on the SMPS DC MCA Registration website.

Project Submissions

SMPS Member

  • $150 first entry
  • $100 per additional entry

SMPS Non-member

  • $200 first entry
  • $150 per additional entry

Marketer and Business Developer of the Year

SMPS Member

  • Free for any member nomination

SMPS Non-member

  • $100 per entry