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Submittal Requirements

Materials completed between January 2019 and January 2021 will be accepted for the 2021 competition. Failure to comply with submittal requirements can result in disqualification of entry.

Important steps to insure your entry is complete:

  • Review category definitions to determine which category (ies) you would like to enter.
  • Please read updated Jury Process and Awards to see scoring criteria.
  • Prepare your entry following the directions below.
  • Register your entry online
  • Email PDF Version and entry form to Jen Bottomley; the final deadline for receipt of entries by SMPS DC is 5:00 pm, May 14, 2021.

Preparing the Entry for Submission

Materials should be submitted electronically in PDF format, including:

  • table of contents
  • entry form (includes answers to questions 1-6)
  • entry fee payment receipt
  • exhibits/samples of project being entered

A separate PDF is required for each entry category.

Types of Entries:

  • Print: Entries created specifically for print distribution. (Note: pdf copies of web pages do not qualify)
  • Digital: Entries created for viewing on electronic devices (computer, tablet, mobile phone)
  • Mixed Media: Entries that used a combination of both print and digital formats for marketing.
    • Enter Digital / Mixed Media URL: If your entry includes a video or web URL (ie. video or website entry) that is needed to be viewed by the jury panel, please include. You are required to enter one URL but have the option to list up to 3 additional URLs if needed.
    • Entry Image Submission: You are required to submit 3 images of your entry. Be sure to use lighting and setup that best displays your entry. You have the option of submitting 3 additional images if needed. Specifications: 300dpi, 3000 pixels for either width or height measurement. If you are using a copied or cloned form, be sure to delete the previously saved file and replace it with the new one. These images will be used for judging purposes. Make sure to submit only clean, clear images that best represent your entry.
    • Supporting documents may include marketing plans or any other documents that would support your entry.

Content for Submissions

1. Table of Contents

Including the following:

  • Payment confirmation
  • Entry Form (includes questions 1-6)

2. Entry Fee Payment

All payments must be made by credit card on the SMPS DC MCA Registration website. All payment information will be removed before judging.

3. Entry Form

Complete the entry form.

4. Entry Questions

The following 6 questions are to be answered on the entry form. The word count limit is next to each question. You may bullet your responses. You WILL be judged on your responses.

Marketing Objectives (75 words or less)

Target Audience (50 words or less)

Research and Planning (75 words or less)

Messaging (30 words or less)

Results (75 words or less)

Creative Brief (250 words or less)


All payments must be made by credit card on the SMPS DC MCA Registration website.

Project Submissions

SMPS Member

  • $150 first entry
  • $100 per additional entry

SMPS Non-member

  • $200 first entry
  • $150 per additional entry

Marketer and Business Developer of the Year

SMPS Member

  • Free for any member nomination

SMPS Non-member

  • $100 per entry